Welcome to “Travel Atmosphere” tour operator’s website. We are glad to offer you a fascinating journey to an ancient Russian city Pskov and its surroundings. Believe us, we have something to surprise even the most experienced travelers!

For example:

  • Pskov is   one of   the most ancient cities of   Russia. It   was first mentioned in   chronicles in   903, the times when such cities as   Moscow and St. Petersburg even didn’t exist on   the ancient Russian map
  • Pskov fortress is   the largest fortress in   Europe (the fortress walls’ length is   about 9   km)
  • By   the way, our fortress has never been invaded in   fair fight by   an   enemy through all middle ages history (although they tried repeatedly)
  • There is   Pskov-Pechory Monastery on   the territory of   Pskov Region, which is   the only in   Russia has not been closed for a   single day and functioned even in   the times of   USSR
  • There is   a   large amount of   lakes, nature reserves and other natural sights on   the territory of   Pskov Region
  • A   number of   noble estates of   Royal ages has been revived on   the territory of   Pskov Region
  • And our fortresses, of   course! Except the Pskov fortress we   can be   proud of   ancient fortresses of   Izborsk, Porkhov, Gdov

Are you ready to go? Great! We can offer you:

  • groups and individual touri sts’ reception
  • excursion service in   English, German, French and other languages
  • visa support
  • the best city hotels and country complexes accomodation
  • if   needed we   are ready to   find and provide a   special menu for you (or   regale you by   Russian cuisine)
  • famous Russian hospitality

We are always glad to answer your questions by e-mail pskov@pskovatmosfera.ru

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